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 Sponsorship Program

What is the neodelight sponsorship program?

Neodelight`s newest project is to sponsor gifted flash game designers and their work by offering sponsorships for their games between $100 to $1300 each.

Sponsoring your game would mean that you would feature a neodelight logo as an intro screen and also to offer one or several links to our site in the actual game. Our part is to present the game at and get the game on as many websites as possible. You will still be able to submit your games to any website you want as long as the inserted logo remains in the file.

Of course we will give you the credit as the designer of the game. This means links to your site and your credits remain in the game. The idea is that we both get the word out to the gamers and webmasters out there. You are a great game designer and is a great place to play games. And you also earn some money on the way. Check out "Pandafgolf II" at our website for a example of the sponsorship program.

The terms are: the games may not have been distributed on the internet before, they have to be exclusive as well as you have to own the full exclusive rights to the game.

If you are interested, just email your game or any link to it to and the team will review and rate it, decide if we`re interested in it or not and which amout of money wed be like you to offer.

What are the steps to join the program:

  • You submit your almost completed or completed game to for us to evaluate it. Please provide us with information if and where other versions of the game exist.
  • After that we decide how much we could offer you for sponsoring the game.
  • We discuss the best placement of logos and links within your game.
  • After you insert the logos, we do a final work-over to make sure that everything is fine and pay you.
  • After that is done, you`re allowed to publish your game online and to submit it to Flashsites, newsgroups etc. as you wish!
  • Be happy and make more brilliant games while your game spreads in the net!

Again, what`s the deal?

If we both agree to work together in a sponsorship program you just have to make sure that the only version of the game to appear on the internet will be the one containing all of the agreed upon logos and links. You`re not allowed to distribute either the source files or any other version of the game which won`t contain the neodelight logos and links. But the version with the logos and links may be freely distributed throughout the internet.

Why is that?

We think it could be a good deal for us both: We do advertise and you get more feedback, earn experience, money and reputation. We want to help game designers like you to get started to design good games that we would like to play.

What happens if some company wants to license the game for their website but without the neodelight branding?

You have two possibilities:
  • Redesign the game so it will not resemble the original version and do the deal with the company yourself. This does not affect the existing sponsorship program. Or easier:
  • You provide the company with a version without our logo while we get some part of the licensing fee. If you want, we will help you with our experience in the business to get the best deal possible with the third party. Depending on our effort in this process we would like to take something between 10% and 30%. We will help you with our contacts and experience in the business to get licensing deals, we do that every day with our own in-house games.

More Questions?   Any comments?   You`d like to submit a game for sponsoring consideration?

Please email it to


We will notify you when we release a new game for your web site

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