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  Neodelight Joystick Plugin - Download and Installation

Now you can use joysticks or gamepads to play games on neodelight.com.

With our unique Neodelight Joystick Plugin playing games on websites is much more fun!

To get started just download and install the program. It is Spy and Adware free. But it only works with Windows PCs.

Download the Neodelight Joystick Plugin

(Requires a PC running Windows 2000 or XP)

Run the setup file

A window will open asking what you want to do with a file called "Neodelight Joystick Plugin.exe". Click "Run". You might see a confirmation message, asking if you're sure you want to run this software. Click "Run" again.

Follow the setup wizard

When the download has finished, the setup wizard will appear and guide you through the rest of the installation.

Launch the Neodelight Joystick Plugin

After the installation has finished, you can open the plugin at any time by clicking the icon either on your desktop or in your system tray.

How to use the Neodelight Joystick Plugin

This software is a keyboard emulator for joysticks. It converts joystick input into keyboard input (and mouse input). You need to plug-in a joystick or gamepad into your computer before you start the program. If no joystick is plugged in the program does not load. After loading the program you can access and change configurations by clicking on the small joystick symbol in the system tray. On some computers the configurations are not working on the first run. If this happens on your computer, close and restart the program.


This program comes with several different configurations. You can switch between the configurations by right clicking on the symbol in the system tray. Most games on www.neodelight.com work with the "1 neodelight.com standard joystick", others like Midnight Strike, Gravity and Teamball only work properly with the "4 neodelight.com alternative joystick".

With the configuration "3 neodelight.com advanced mouse" you can control the mouse pointer with your joystick.
BUTTON3 speeds up the speed of the mouse pointer, BUTTON4 slows the mouse pointer down.
You can switch between configuration 3 and "2 neodelight.com advanced joystick" by pressing the BUTTON5 on your controller.
With these two configurations you can navigate on the neodelight website and play games without need to let go of your joystick.

Trouble shooting:

If you have problems with the program, check if
  • your joystick or gamepad is plugged in and recognized by windows.
  • the program is loaded and the joystick icon is visible in the system tray.
  • the configuration which is activated supports the input which the game needs. If not, change to another configuration which does, or create a new configuration yourself.
  • check for more information on http://www.neodelight.com/joystick

This program is spy or adware free. It just does what it is supposed to: Make playing games more fun. This program does not only work on Neodelight.com but with many applications or which require keyboard input.